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#Protecting intellectual property rights

Prevention, Detection

And Countermeasures

Of IP-Infrigements

Global program for protection of our customers I

The Problems With IP-Theft And Infringements!

Theft, piracy and infringements of intellectual proerty rights and copyright are staggering costs for the owner, the society and the public. Millions of job opportunities and billions of value are destroyed by the activities of these illegal activities.

Global costs of IP-thefts and infringements

According to reports, IP-thefts, piracy and infringements are estimated at:

✓ 5 trillion dollars estimated in global value of counterfeit and pirated products.

✓ Intellectual property theft costs the US $225 billion to $600 billion annually.

✓ Over 40 million jobs in the US come from intellectual property intensive industries.

✓ 38.2% of the US GDP comes from intellectual property intensive industries.

✓ 21.7% of American CFOs think their companies were victims of intellectual property theft.

✓ 44% of seized goods are fake watches and jewelry.

✓ The average cost to defend a patent lawsuit exceeds $3 million.

✓ EU loose over 1.2 million jobs.

Enormous consequences

✓ Businesses

loose trillions of revenue and suffer from brand damage of poor and unhealthy products, that could be invested in new development and jobs.

✓ Governments

loose trillions of tax revenue that could be invested in wellfare and infrastructure.

✓ Innovators and creators

loose billions that could be reinvested in new innovations.

✓ Consumers

suffer from increased costs for unhealthy, dangerous, poor and broken products.

Lets work together!

For more innovations


The Safe Innovation™ Program!

International Innovators have develped the protection program Safe Innovation™ to create a secure, fair and equitable innovation environment for people with ideas, inventors and innovators. Exposure to risk of injury, damage and decreases innovation which we are countering with the Safe Innovation™ program.

Safe Innovation™ Program Aim

International Innovators aims with the protection program Safe Innovation™ a secure, fair and equitable innovation environment for people with ideas, inventors and innovators. Exposure to risk of injury, damage and theft reduces innovation and thereby jobs and wellfare.

The process:

1. Prevention

2. Delaying

3. Stopping

4. Detection

5. Intervene

6. Learning and sharing 

Overall aim:

✓ Increasing employment and welfare through an attractive and safe environment for innovation.

✓ Minimizing time/cost from idea to innovation – faster ROI.

✓ Reducing the risk of “failure” – more will invest in ideas and inventions.

✓ Increasing inventors legitimacy and importance for the future of society.

✓ Creating a fair and equitable environment for innovation for people with ideas, inventors and innovators.

✓ Eliminating, reducing and counteract theft and infringement of intellectual property rights.

Safe Innovation ™ is launched as an international standard for inventors, innovators and businesses.

Safe Innovation™ Parts

Safe Innovation™ contains of several countermeasures to prevent, detect and counter IP-theft and infringements. 

Fair Innovation™ agreement

The Fair Innovation™ agreement is a signed contract for anyone entering the programs and systems. This agreement is to ensure that all participating parties, are behaving, acting and safeguarding the intellectual property content within International Innovators programs and systems.

Any breaches of the Fair Innovation™ agreements will lead to immediate cancellation of all programs and services plus will be handled by legal actions from our global lawyers association signed.

Innovation warning list

International Innovators are coordinating, investigating and publish statements about intellectual property theft and infringements according to the Safe Innovation™ system.

The warning list warns member inventors, innovators, investors and businesses dealing with people, companies and organisations that violate and benefits from IP-related crimes of our members.

The warning list is published inside the Innovationssupport programs.

Safe Innovation™ manual

The Safe Innovation™ manual is a thorough manual for digital download for users of Innovationssupport to educate inventors, innovators and businesses to prevent, detect and counter IP-theft and infringements.

Safe Innovation™ constantly monitor and learn from actual IP-thefts and infringements to develop the preventive parts of the program.

Safe Innovation™ has a simplified checklist to ensure best protection of IP.

About us

International Innovators vision is to unify global resources to stimulate and assist ideas, inventions and innovations to develop for the benefit of the world and human mankind.

We focus on the assistance of international inventors and businesses to succeed with innovations with the programs and support solutions provided.


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