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Help inventors and businesses develop innovations by using the acceleration programs and systems.

Join as a global partner!

Since the development of innovations is a we-job, not a me-job, we invite global partners to cooperate in our challange of creating +10 000 innovations in 10 years.

As a global partner, you are able to work with our programs and systems to participate in our innovation challange.

Locating local resources

The global partner research the national market for strong manufacturing and natural resources as well for required import opportunities. The researches are the foundation of the export and import capacities of each nation.

Innovation support

The global partner search for and assist in the development of sustainable innovations. The partner also handles marketing and sales of international innovations at the national market.

Safe Innovation™

During operations, research and business activities, the affiliate partner scan for breach and theft of intellectual property rights. Partners assist both innovators as inform international partners according to Safe Innovation™.

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We don´t know it all, but we know that we all, know alot! Thats why we want to connect with likeminded people to optimize the development of more innovations faster.

Partner requirements

The following criteria is mandatory to be  approved as a global partner:

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Applications are closed and will open in Autumn 2021!

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