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Acceleration programs and systems for developmentof global innovations!

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During many years of innovation development and research, we have found that many parts of the innovation process is slow, uneffective and counterproductive during the development stages.

This has led us to develop 2 programs with supporting systems, that makes the innovation process more adapted to the modern world, where innovation speed is of great importance.

Innovation programs

Innovationssupport is where inventors, people with ideas or other creative people can verify and develop their ideas.

Innovationssupport also supports businesses in all sizes, with internal innovation programs and external accuisitions of ideas to market ready innovations.

The sustainable processes developed, thouroughly verifies and controls the innovation process, leading to high-end output of scalable innovations.


Business programs

For established businesses, we offer parts of our programs and systems within Innovations support under a separate brand.

All business development programs are accessable within Zuport.net, which also support startups of sustainable innovations in Innovationssupport.

Zuport.net offers acceleration programs and single solutions for Startups and SME´s who are looking to grow and increase business profits.


The Innovation Process!

This is the overview of the innovation process developed, for keeping a sustainable innovation development. The process filters by automation out great ideas with higher potential.

(Psst: This is a more of a true innovation process!)

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Innovation Support Programs

Innovation support contain of 3 programs to verify and develop innovations.

Certified Innovator


The certified innovator program contains education program on how innovations are developed by sustainable steps:

1. Check for a sustainable problem.

2. Develop a sustainable idea.

3. Develop a sustainable invention.

4. Protect your IP (Patent, design, trademark, copyright etc)

5. Preparing for a sustainable commerzialisation.

6. Do a sustainable exit

The programs is provided by our online learning portal, with support of innovation tools and systems, that provide support and matchmaking solutions.


Certified Business Innovation Program

The business innovation program, supports businesses to stimulate internal innovations plus accuiring external innovations. The program contain 5 steps:

1. Certified innovation manager training.

2. Idea support including idea tool.

3. Innovation trading.

4. Innovation procurements.

5. Innovation accounts reporting.

The program is supported by our online learning portal, with support of innovation systems and tools to optimize more innovations faster.


Business Acceleration Programs

Zupport provide 2 business acceleration programs:

1: The startup acceleration program is aimed at Startups to help them lay a solid business foundation to quick and easy growth, without the hazzles and challanges normally involved in building a business.

2: The Growth acceleration program is developed for established SME´s that want to grow business and profits. It starts with a foundation review, just to set a solid foundation before any development, just to ensure a quicker growth when focusing on growth


Programs, tools and systems overview

Innovationssupport programs include smart innovation tools, that simplifies the search and matchmaking between various innovation parties involved in the innovation development process.


Business accelerator programs

Zuport offers 2 acceleration programs for:

1: Startups, setting things properly from start.

2: Established SME´s with reviewing and development of business.

About us

International Innovators vision is to unify global resources to stimulate and assist ideas, inventions and innovations to develop for the benefit of the world and human mankind.

We focus on the assistance of international inventors and businesses to succeed with innovations with the programs and support solutions provided.


International Innovators LLC, 2093 Philadelphia Pike #6625, Claymont, DE 19703, USA

Tel.: +1 (302) 497 43 50

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