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Career Opportunities

Are You Looking For New Challanges?

International Innovators are building a strong and devoted team to fulfill the challange of +1000 innovations in 10 years. To cope with that challange, we look for likeminded people, with hearts and compassion for helping others fulfill their dreams of developing their ideas to innovations.


Global partners

As a global partner, you are responsible for your local market, locating, testing, selecting and developing great ideas to innovations on the market

You will be a part of our Globalmind that cooperate and assist each other on the global market.

You will have access to our innovation programs and tools for developing innovations faster.

Who can apply?

You have to:

  • +10 years of experience with innovation or

  • +10 years with business startups

  • Know the innovation process

  • Have a national market contacts network

  • Are a natural, organized and structured leader

  • Have exceptional social skills

  • Are devoted and heartful for the +1000 innovations challange

  • Linkedin profile with contact information

  • Signing the Fair Innovation™ agreementREAD MORE! 

  • About us

    International Innovators vision is to unify global resources to stimulate and assist ideas, inventions and innovations to develop for the benefit of the world and human mankind.

    We focus on the assistance of international inventors and businesses to succeed with innovations with the programs and support solutions provided.


    International Innovators LLC, 2093 Philadelphia Pike #6625, Claymont, DE 19703, USA

    Tel.: +1 (302) 497 43 50

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