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Acceleration programs and systems for the development of global innovations!

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We love to be a part of the journey when great ideas are developed to successful businesses, that creates jobs and wellfare for people.

+1000 innovations in 10 years!

How could we even make +1000 innovations in 10 years?

Well, the answer is, that we include you! Because if 100 inventive people generates 1 innovation per year, that makes 1000 innovations in 10 years.

…. and we know, there are multiple ideas and inventions out there, they just needs help to take off!

That is the core goal of our challange, to help inventors, innovators and businesses to test, verify and develop great innovations with the support of one-stop-shop innovation programs, tools and systems.


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Our mission & vision!

We love to be a part of the journey when great ideas are developed to successful businesses, that generat jobs and wellfare for people.

Successful businesses

Successful bussinesses are the foundation of a successful country, which offer jobs, taxes and investment profits.

Creating jobs

Creating jobs for people is our top priority, for them to be able to maintain for themself and their families.

Build wellfare

Successful innovations generates taxes for building social wellfare, infrastructure and education for people.

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Innovation managers



+ 1,000,000


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Are you creative?

Do you have an creative idea?

Ideas are the start for great innovations, test and validate your idea now!


About us

International Innovators vision is to unify global resources to stimulate and assist ideas, inventions and innovations to develop for the benefit of the world and human mankind.

We focus on the assistance of international inventors and businesses to succeed with innovations with the programs and support solutions provided.


International Innovators LLC, 2093 Philadelphia Pike #6625, Claymont, DE 19703, USA

Tel.: +1 (302) 213 36 03

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