It´s very expensive with theft and infringements of intellectual property!


We often meet people with ideas, inventors, innovators and other people developing creative assets and which somehow been cheated or robbed of their assets. The consequences are obviously terrible for the individual who loses invested time (which only is worked for free!), economic investment in the prototype (which is exclusively made by own taxed funds) and pledged private collateral in funding (which often require 50% counterfunding). It is not uncommon to have a private debt for life and business.

If holders of copyrighted material or intangible asset ends up in a legal dispute, they need to invest lots of time and financial resources in the dispute. This leads to focus and investment are disturbed from the operational, development, sales and warehouse capacity mm. (This may be a deliberate strategy of a competitor, meanwhile taking market share!)

According to the PWC 2016 Patent Litigation Study, an ongoing patent dispute is in about 2.5 years, with an average cost of 3.3 to 16.3 million ($ Figure 13) in recent years. Success rate varies between 17-47% (Figure 14) that will then also relates to dispute the cost of Figure 13 i.e. the higher dispute cost, the increased success rate. It is evident that large organizations and government agencies that have the capital to dispute, wins 2-3 times more often compared to a single inventor.

The damage to our society is huge!

There hidden consequence is that these thefts and infringements, creates a rumor and the general idea of how likely you are being scammed or robbed of your IP. This prevents people with ideas and inventions the courage to invest in his/her idea / invention and that investors reduce their risktaking in investment and instead is pushing up demands for safety and yield.

Intrusion and theft of intellectual property assets estimated international cost of 1.7 trillion US dollars in 2015). In the EU alone is estimated these intrusions represent a loss of 1.2 million jobs. In European countries, estimated intrusions cost to between 1.5-2% of GDP. This is, however, estimated costs and the number of unreported cases of all those who do not dare to develop their idea for fear of being robbed and everything that is not reported due. resignation and “silent” settlements, means that the actual loss is many times greater.

In summary, this situation creates one of the greatest threats and risks of the innovation environment in the world, where individuals and organizations are eager of stealing ideas and inventions for their own benefits,


In-depth question of who is cheating, inventors reveals that in two cases out of 10 they are with a partner without any agreements, in 2 cases out of 10 it is the partner with the contractual agreement. It shows, among other several parties where a total of 2 out of 10 have been fooled by their employer, advisor / consultant, vendor or organization with only an oral agreement.

The above background is the cause of our intellectual property protection program which initially make it possible to eliminate about 60% of the problems, simply by giving the holder of the intellectual property, information, templates and systems to protect themselves. The mere use of a good confidentiality agreement combined with prioIP gives a very good protection.

A final advice for those who develop copyright and intellectual property rights, ask before, it can be extremely expensive to ask afterwards!

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