How creativity is helped by failure

Read a really good article on the BBC describing the significance of the failure to develop an idea.

The author describes a ceramics teacher divided the class into two groups, one that would make as many pots as possible (quantity) and where the design would be considered afterwards, and one group that would do the best designed pot (quality) they could.

The result is emperical, it was the group that produced the most pots that created the best designs while the other group got stuck in how they best would design the pot before they started. This symptom describes very much why goverment innovation system fails in supporting genuine creativity.

The article also describes the British inventor James Dyson who produced 5 126 prototypes of he´s new dubbelcyklon vaccum cleaner, which today is a billion dollar industry. This would have been impossible in a govermental innovation system which do not allow that amount of “failures”.

Fail foreward!!

Read the article >>>

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