Our vision!

The primary vision of International Innovators is to unify global resources to stimulate and assist the development of ideas, inventions and innovations for creating jobs and social wellfare for people.


Our goals


Our experience

Founders and management of International Innovators are entreprenours, inventors, innovators and overall, creative people themself. This mean, that we breathe, live and always look for development inside or outside our own organisation.

Based upon our background and experience, we know that innovation is not a straight road and that all innovations, independant of size, value and scalability is of importance, even if it´s only for one individual.

We know this, since our own paths, have been filled with the obstacles and problems that surround a innovation process, which we with International Innovators programs, are eager to share with others to decrease the stress, time and investments from developing an idea to a on-the-market-solution.

Lets work together!

For more innovations faster!

Developing global innovations together

International Innovators use the knowledge, experience and ambition of our partners to fulfil the global vision. We use all avialable skills, network, resources and systems contined by the partners.


for increasing creativity thinking and innovation investments hit efficiency.


for stimulating more creativity for staff and researchers as in cooperation with independent inventors.


for bringing new ideas and development needs to improve manufacturing, processes, products, services and systems.


of innovation products with highest quantity and quanity at lowest cost for pricing competitiveness.


with strong motivation, organisation and development capacities to launch international innovations.


on national markets of international members innovation products, services and systems.

International Innovators